Construction Project

Conversion into a multifunctional event venue

Since 2018 the Stiftung Stadtkultur has been working with a team of experts on planning the conversion, refurbishment and restoration of the building ensemble and on the development of an operating concept. In 2018/19 the Stiftung Stadtkultur initiated several workshop discussions with experts from the fields of architecture, culture and politics to fathom future usage scenarios. The guiding question was: What is possible at this cultural location in the future? The result of the discussions was the modular usage of the site as an event venue for various art disciplines including theatre, cinema, concerts and readings, as well as symposiums and exhibitions. To this end, the stage tower and auditorium as well as the foyer are to be converted and adequately equipped for a variety of uses. The aim is to use the KAHO both as a large stage and in the form of individual, separated, spatial modules.

In 2020 cpm architekten conducted an initial structural survey that formed the basis for the building application of the Stiftung Stadtkultur. In early 2021, the construction supervision agency of the district of Lichtenberg approved the building application. Shortly afterwards, the architect’s office dhl architekten was awarded the contract by the Stiftung Stadtkultur to realise the building project. dhl architekten are specialised in construction work on existing buildings and monument preservation and are supported by a number of expert planners.

After an interim programme in 2021 and 2022 with about 100 events, the KAHO will fall into a deep sleep from 2023, from which it will not awake again until 2025. During this time, the conversion from the former large stage to a multifunctional venue will take place. Since the renovation mainly affects the interior of the building ensemble, we will endeavour to provide insights into the process.

Parallel to the conversion process, an operating concept is being developed based on the architectural, constructional and technical conditions. The Stiftung Stadtkultur seeks to ensure basic services in the southeast of Berlin and at the same time provide an additional event venue with a special flair for Berlin as a whole. The guiding principles of the operating concept result from the self-understanding of the Stiftung Stadtkultur, the history of the building ensemble, the dynamics of the rapidly growing district of Lichtenberg and the spatial requirements of Berlin-based artists. The current plan is to facilitate the activities of different event organizers, tenants and cooperation partners.

Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur
Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur
Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur
Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur

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