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Hygiene rules & tickets

Hygiene rules

Due to the pandemic, special conditions apply to the ticket sales and the registration of visitors‘ data, as well as to the distance between visitors. The outdoor hygiene concept for visitors can be found here. The indoor hygiene concept can be found here.

Tickets and admission

On account of the hygiene rules, no reservations are possible. Please use our online ticket sale. Remaining tickets (if available) can be purchased at the box office starting one hour before the event begins. The box office is at Johannes-Fest-Platz (access via Ehrenfelsstrasse) or at the entrance of the stage tower in Theatergasse (not barrier-free).

Admission starts 30 minutes before the event begins (exceptional Audiowalk and Workshops). Please arrive on time to ensure smooth and safe admission. Late admittance after the show has begun is not possible.

There is no free choice of seating – the evening staff will assign you to your seats on location. Should you require specific seats because of special needs, we will try to make a reservation possible. In this case, please contact us beforehand.

Reduced tickets are available to seniors, pupils, students, trainees – with valid ID, unemployed persons with valid proof, BUFDis + FSJler with volunteer ID, severely disabled persons with valid severely disabled ID (with the mark “B” you also receive a free ticket for an accompanying person) unemployed persons. Exceptions apply to events for young audiences. Free admission applies to selected events and to children up to the age of 3, if they do not require a seat of their own.


The event area at Johannes-Fest-Platz is not roofed over. On principle, open air events take place no matter what the weather is like. Exceptions are cancellations due to severe weather alerts and weather conditions posing a danger to the participants and the audience.

In case of weather disruptions, we will make an effort to conduct the event later or on an alternate date. Should this be impossible, you can apply for a refund of the tickets bought in advance by sending an email to ticket@stiftung-stadtkultur.de. If you would like to donate your tickets, please also let us know via email to ticket@stiftung-stadtkultur.de so that we can “collect” the donations. Your donations will benefit other projects of Stiftung Stadtkultur: www.stiftung-stadtkultur.de/alle-projekte

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Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur
Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur
Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur Raum für Kultur

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